StartupRanking Helps Startups Know Their Score


Business: StartupRanking

Founders: Jonathan Nieto


By Brandon Baker

Half a world away, four Peruvian Web developers from early-stage startup StartupRanking have created an online tool that ranks startups all around the globe — including those in Philadelphia.

Granted, these startups aren’t automatically compiled into the list: Upon voluntarily registering, StartupRanking uses an algorithm based on social media activity, link distribution, website views and a variety of other SEO variables to attach an “SR score” ranging from 0 to 100,000 for each participating business.

“StartupRanking, it’s meant to be the site where you can find all of the most important metrics,” said Jonathan Nieto, founder of StartupRanking. “[My friend and I] started out wanting to recognize the best startups in the world, and I didn’t see anything that does that. We started to retrieve data from social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and after putting it in a chart, my friend said, ‘Hey, this is actually pretty cool — we need to share this.’”

After working on it all through May of this year, he said he launched the service and quickly saw its population grow simply through social media sharing, with 1,911 startups currently registered.

Current No. 1 on the company’s breakdown of countries with the most registered startups is the United States with 257 startups, followed closely by Brazil with 172 and India with 156. Notable in the Top 10 list of startups with the highest SR score is France’s Dailymotion at No. 1, the United States’ Fiverr at No. 3 and Sweden’s Spotify at No. 6. Though the rankings cannot yet be broken down by city or region, Mr. Nieto said that’s in the works, as well as a solution that factors business-to-business and mobile-based companies into the ranking equation.

The team is currently bootstrapping, but Mr. Nieto didn’t rule out the possibility of looking for funding in the future as it prepares to monetize the data it offers through the site. Philadelphia startups interested in registering can do so through


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