Saunter Planning To Re-Launch Site With New Mission

After a soft launch of “Yelp for the arts” website Saunter, Adam Kearney has taken notes on what’s worked well with the launch and what’s left him scratching his head and drawing all sorts of squiggles and chicken-scratch notes on the whiteboard.

Below, Mr. Kearney hints at what direction the site will take when it re-launches in the months ahead.

In his own words:

In our current iteration of Saunter, our users are able to review artists that are presently exhibiting or performing in Philadelphia.

Clearly, this is not a sustainable product.

We released it in order to analyze our analytics, speak to our users and set our priorities for future development.

As much as we want to just push ahead, we know we have to be smart and deliberate with every hour we have.

Our tech team is currently on part-time so each hour is precious. We can’t afford to waste time on features that won’t mean a lot to our users.

Although we cannot disclose what we have learned, we can announce we will be pivoting in our launch strategy to go national in music.

We are currently setting our priorities and time parameters in which we will execute our tasks.

We will first release version two to a small, strategic community and then build from there.

We will have the new site up in the coming months.

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