Diary of a Startup: Saunter

By Brandon Baker

In the weeks ahead, Adam Kearney will join the ranks of Region’s Business’ “Capital Seekers” as he searches for investors to fund his website for the arts, Saunter. 

But for Mr. Kearney, the art of pleading for money hasn’t come quite as naturally. Below, he chronicles what that process has been like.

In his words:

After nearly eight months, Saunter begins its next big stage of its development — fundraising.

Pitching investors is the newest element to startup life for me. I have never had to ask others for money in this way.

To create an exponential learning curve, I first began reading blog posts and watching lectures on pitching.

I also watched others pitch their companies, noting what I liked and disliked.

I thought I was ready. I created my slides, wrote my script, and memorized it.

Although satisfied, I knew I had to approach this new endeavor with utmost humility.

I began meeting with successful companies and investors in Philadelphia, asking them to be critical.

I have since gone through endless revisions. How many? I do not care to count!

The trick has been figuring out how to keep my pitch under 10 slides, while addressing everyone’s concerns.

The problem is one person likes to see something one way, another the opposite way, and another person not at all. You may even be pitching all three of these people at the same time, so simply knowing your audience can’t solve it.

After running in circles, I have come to find what I believe to be the best approach: Create a base of 10 slides with hyperlinks to other slides. These hyperlinks preempt all questions others may have. Make sure you create an index and refer each slide back to that index.

Keep it short; keep it sweet!

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